Kris Lamba - Art and Design




Kris Lamba was born in London in 1984. His work fuses large scale polymer sculpting, pigment painting and foundry casting. Kris creates work with a modern simplicity; a coalescence between mother nature and mans imagination. He believes that connections are made instantaneously, bonding us irreversibly to the objects and art that we love. This primal quality can be seen throughout his work, with bold pigment filled textures and otherworldly sculptural forms. Creating his works is an energetic process for Lamba, his pieces becoming expressions of a singularity; ideas forged though intense experimentation, later undergoing gradual stages of refinement and craftsmanship.

Originally trained in fine cabinetry and design, Lamba’s stretched and manipulated sculptures can be seen as a rebellion against the confines of working within tradition; their spontaneous forms defying and reworking traditional artistic practice. His RV series of chairs go further to reinforce this point, blurring the lines between stand alone sculpture and functional art.

Lamba’s work has been published worldwide to widespread critical acclaim. He currently lives and works near London, UK.